EAST is the alter-ego of Buty.

The philosophy behind the Friends of the BEAST is simple. If you’re a friend, you should be treated like one. That’s why we created the kind of wine club we would want to join. As a Friend of the BEAST, you enjoy access to all of our acclaimed wines, from our coveted Buty offerings to our rare and sought-after BEAST bottlings. There is no charge for membership. There are never any mandatory shipments. You select the wines you want, and nothing else. And if you don’t order, don’t worry, you won’t get bumped. We'll call you if we ever close the list. Best of all, our Friends of the BEAST receive pre-release offerings on all of our wines at the very best pricing. Not the best pricing that day, or that week—the best pricing that we know of anywhere, anytime.

If all of this sounds good to you, we invite you to join our Friends of the BEAST.

Once you do, we will contact you by email prior to each new release (March and September for Buty, and Halloween and sometimes April Fool’s for our BEASTs), when you will have the opportunity to acquire the wines you desire, in the quantities you wish. Only then will your credit card be billed.

We look forward to sharing our wines with you.

The Buty Team



To join Friends of the BEAST click here.