Phinny Hill vineyard cabernet sauvignon grapes, sorted on the shaker table

Dear Friend:

Our BEASTs have always been the alter ego of our Buty wines, indulging our sense of exploration, while providing us the opportunity to create unique and dynamic wines with personalities all their own. This release is no exception. Dangerously alluring and exotic, our 2014 BEAST Phinny Hill Vineyard 'Reserva Style' Malbec and 2016 BEAST Phinny Hill Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon are gloriously bold and powerful, but with a sense of sinewy poise and grace that hints at their Buty pedigree. Both were reared on the majestic slopes of Phinny Hill Vineyard, and grew strong under the hot sun of the Horse Heaven Hills. As a Friend of the BEAST, you are invited to capture these wild and cunning creatures from now until October 29. Not only will you enjoy our best prices of the year on these wines, when you order 12 bottles or more, we will include complimentary UPS Ground shipping. Let the hunt begin!

2014 BEAST Phinny Hill Vineyard "Reserva Style' Malbec
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This is no meek and mild malbec. In fact, in its youth, the malbec from Phinny Hill can be so ferocious that we developed our 'Reserva' program to tame its wild tannins. Now, after 21 months in barrel and two years in bottle, this BEAST has emerged with a regal, leonine power that exudes inky richness and flavors of black raspberry, plum, blackberry, licorice, anise and sweet maple spice. Juicy and energetic, it is a dazzling creature that will bring great joy when introduced to family and good friends during the holidays ahead.
2016 BEAST Phinny Hill Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
Regular: $42       Your exclusive price: $37   
Made from 100% cabernet, the core of this wine comes from a prized block at the top of Phinny Hill where stiff winds and rocky Spartan soils yield an alpha cab, with glorious structure, robust tannins and luxurious layers of fruit. And yet, because of the influence of the nearby river, and the cooling winds, this is also a beautifully dynamic BEAST that carries its power and weight with a graceful nonchalance. After 20 months in 30% new oak, it is strutting its signature Horse Heaven Hills perfumed aromatics, along with classic cabernet flavors of black cherry, boysenberry, sweet tobacco leaf, woodsy cedar and violet. Intense and mesmerizing, it is a magical BEAST that will reward your affections for years to come.
May Halloween haunt your home brightly!
With a wink!
Nina, Chris, Lindsey, and Paul

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