Nina Buty

founder / president

Since the founding of Buty Winery in 2000, Nina Buty has helped to define the vision for the winery’s acclaimed blends, the philosophy that guides their creation and the aesthetic sensibility that informs every aspect of Buty.



Chris Dowsett


Since joining Buty, Chris has helped to define a rich, aromatically driven style that emphasizes balance, lower alcohol levels and subdued tannins. These qualities have established Buty’s wines—both red and white—as benchmarks for creativity and quality, and as some of Washington’s defining blends.



Zelma Long

principal, zelma long wines consultancy

Since 2001, legendary consulting winemaker Zelma Long has been deeply involved with Buty, contributing her vision and vast experience to almost every aspect of the winery. An icon, trailblazer and one of the industry’s most celebrated winemakers, Zelma is an integral part of the Buty team, working closely with both Nina and Chris.